How a Gratitude Attitude Made Me a Miracle Magnet

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Quietly, over the last few weeks, I embarked on a grand adventure. I became a Miracle Magnet during my hour of need — thanks to developing a clear and consistent Attitude of Gratitude.

The adventure started around March 28, when the Universe slapped me upside the head. 

Translation:  I had to increase my income.  Fast. 

The Secret, Universal Law of Attraction, Positive ThinkingAfter the initial panic ebbed enough for me to entertain a lucid thought, I found myself standing – where else? – in a book store. Lying on the front table (and calling my name) was the latest release in The Secret series by Rhonda Byrne. The new title? The Magic.

The Magic focuses on the power of Gratitude to change an unwanted situation (debt, sickness, loveless relationships, etc.) into the reality you DO want. The vast majority of the book is devoted to 28 short (1-5 minute) exercises you can do daily, for four consecutive weeks, to “change your life” by changing your outlook and developing a Gratitude Attitude.

I’ve been a believer in the Universal Law of Attraction for years. When I focus my mind on what I WANT versus what I FEAR, I’ve become magnetic to amazing things, ranging from an all-expense paid vacation to Hawaii to becoming a #1 bestseller.  Rhonda’s suggestion to focus on Gratitude wasn’t a new concept for me.

However, as I held her book in my hand, I had an (uncomfortable) epiphany.  Although I like to THINK I’ve been focusing on positive thoughts all day long, in reality, my “happy thoughts” were masking a volcano of anger ~ a silent, deadly anger that had led to my money crisis.

In that moment of desperation, I was willing to try ANYTHING to avert disaster. So I bought The Magic and started working with the exercises in Rhonda’s book. 

Three of those exercises especially appealed to me: 

  • Taking a daily gratitude walk (thinking “I’m grateful” with every step)
  • Counting my blessings each morning by listing at least 10 on paper
  • Designating a favorite rock as my “Gratitude Stone” (which I hold each night before I fall asleep, focusing on the blessings that occurred through the day.)

Simple stuff, right?

All day, every day, I trained myself to focus on gratitude. This focus took mental discipline. The “realist” in me wanted to worry that I might have to find a new place to live by month’s end.  (You know the definition of a “realist,” don’t you?  PESSIMIST.) 

But the exercises helped me stay focused on the Present – which is the only place in which opportunity can be created. The exercises also increased my feelings of peace, well-being, and self-confidence as I took the action steps I needed to create new income fast. Best of all, within 24 hours of launching my Gratitude practice, financial “miracles” started to occur!  

In the spirit of helping others create the lives they REALLY want to live, I’d like to share the results that I manifested over a two-week period, thanks to my consistent (and stubborn) focus on gratitude.  I hope these results inspire you to focus on your own gratitude practice RIGHT NOW so you NEVER have to panic — like I did – about anything.

But more importantly, I hope these examples inspire you to create the life you REALLY want to live today, and always.

Thanks to my Gratitude Practice:

1) I received 3 job offers, an invitation to teach a class, and an invitation to be a vendor at a trade show. 

2) I attracted roughly 10 new clients “out of the blue.”

3) I learned that I was due a huge IRS reimbursement – one that I could live on for a month.

4) I was handed a cash windfall by a relative (who didn’t know about my financial setback.)

5) Friends AND STRANGERS started contacting me “out of the blue,” offering to take me out and buy me a meal.

6) I created a new Twitter account, @SolDawn, where I tweet about Gratitude, Positive Thinking, Success, Inspiration, and other uplifting thoughts.  Within 3 days (and without sending announcements to my email lists), I had more than 100 followers.  I was stunned at how quickly my GRATITUDE account got found, compared with my writing accounts.  (BTW:  Several of my followers are CEOs. LOL!)

Before I end today’s post, I’d like to share one amusing side-note about Gratitude.

Tips for naming a character, fantasy fiction name generators
I live with a 1-year-old cat, who is part clown and part tyrant.  Krazy Kat’s idea of play is to stalk, bite, and flee.  She also likes to wrestle.  Most nights, Krazy Kat is too busy running around chasing dust bunnies (or ghosts?) to crawl into bed with me.

For my gratitude stone, I chose a 3-inch, amethyst wand that I’ve owned for years.  This stone sits out in the open, where Krazy Kat has always been much too busy mischief-making to notice it.

Within 48 hours of designating this amethyst as my Gratitude Stone, Krazy Kat suddenly decided it was of GREAT INTEREST.  Now she likes to bat the amethyst around with her paw.  (Yesterday, I was searching desperately through my laundry to find where the Furry Fiend had “forgotten” it!)  At other times, I find Krazy Kat sleeping on top of it. 

I also noticed, that after I complete my nightly Gratitude exercise with the stone, Krazy Kat likes to lie on top of my heart – where all that loving, gratitude energy is radiating forth.

Gratitude does, indeed, have an amazing power of attraction.

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  1. Pat Amsden
    Pat Amsden says:

    It sounds as if the Grattitude attitude and your exercises came into your life when you needed them the most. Here’s to the law of attraction and to ever increasing success and happiness for us all!

  2. Adrienne deWolfe
    Adrienne deWolfe says:

    Thank you so much, everyone! Yes, the journey has REALLY required fresh eyes, fearless courage, and lots of open-minded thinking. (As a teacher of mine used to say about the Law of Attraction: When things go wrong, jump on your energy surf board and surf the wave, knowing that these minor ripples are bringing you closer to your goal.) I am so grateful — sincerely — for each of you who is helping me spread the word about the power of Gratitude!

  3. Ava Miles
    Ava Miles says:

    Hi Adrienne,

    I love seeing writers talking about this part of our journey because it feeds our writing. This is our soul, the bones of our life. I have a gratitude journal that I write in every night, and cultivate that by being grateful throughout the day. I write about finding happiness in real life and fiction on my own blog, and gratitude has been featured a lot. Love seeing this post. So inspiring and right on!


  4. Adrienne deWolfe
    Adrienne deWolfe says:

    Welcome, Ava! So delighted to connect with you this way. For me, practicing Gratitude is also teaching me the importance of Grace. I love how this work is drawing similarly-minded writers, teachers, healers, and students into my life. Hugs!

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