“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Who Will Become a Guardian of Aeld?

Meet Raevyn

Race: Human

Alias:  SolStorm, The Mockingbird Sorceress

Animal Guardian: Nonesuch (Mockingbird)

Secret:  Raevyn is a novice Wind Power, who wants to serve as ambassador of the Witch Queen’s court. But prophets warn the queen that a dormant power lurks in Raevyn, a power that is destined to kill 4 of her friends!

Meet Crimson

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Race:  Frost Titan 

Profession: Blacksmith, Mercenary, Thief

Secret:  Raevyn calls her best friend a “one-spell-wonder,” but even Raevyn doesn’t realize that Crimson’s awe-inspiring Fire Power is a legacy of Dragon blood.

Excerpt: Click here to read an excerpt, featuring Raevyn and Crimson. The excerpt was named a finalist in a regional writing contest.

Meet Fiers

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Race: Ru’ar (Manbeast / Wolf)

Profession:  Warrior and Scout

Secret: During the annual Clan Cull, when weaklings are slain for “the good of the Pack,” Fiers refused to kill his kid brother. Now Fiers is on the run, fleeing that same kid brother, whom the Wolf King has ordered to slay Fiers.

Meet Aolani

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Race: Sea Changeling

Alias: DreamMer, The Platypus Sorceress

Animal Guardian: Romper (Platypus)

Secret: A reluctant spy, who’s posing as Raevyn’s friend, Aolani is desperately seeking a cure to the Shapeshifting Taint, which Elfin mages conjured to exterminate her people.

Meet Fynn

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Race: Part Sea Changeling, Part Manbeast

Profession: Assassin / Spy

Secret: Fynn hides his shameful, Otter ancestry, even from his half-sister, Aolani. One of the few Changelings who still has the power to recover his “natural” form, following a shapeshift, Fynn poses as the bodyguard of his people’s greatest enemy: the princess of the Crystal Elves.

Meet Kyrielle

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Race: Crystal Elf

Alias: Nocturne, The Bat Sorceress

Animal Guardian: Vesper (Bat)

Secret: Although her Wind Power rivals Raevyn’s, Kyrielle’s magic isn’t as pure as it seems. She made a desperate bargain with Shadowraiths to save her lover.

Meet Shamirah

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Adrienne deWolfe_Dark Wind_Guardians of Aeld

Race: Manbeast

Profession:  Leader of the Snow Leopard Clan

Secret:  She’s not really a Snow Leopard! She’s the last surviving female of the Scimitar Tiger Clan. Shamirah’s advanced healing magic earns her the trust of many prey species—and the derision of the Leopard Clan.