“Many are called, but few are chosen.”

Who Will Pass the Test to Become a Guardian of Aeld?

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Adrienne deWolfe_Dark Wind_Guardians of Aeld

Meet Raevyn

Race: Human

Alias:  SolStorm, The Mockingbird Sorceress

Animal Guardian: Nonesuch (Mockingbird)

Secret:  Prophets predict she’ll kill 4 friends

Meet Aolani

Race: Sea Changeling

Alias: DreamMer, The Platypus Sorceress

Animal Guardian: Romper (Platypus)

Secret: She’s a reluctant spy, forced to search for a cure for the Shapeshifting Taint

Meet Crimson

Race:  Frost Titan 

Profession: Blacksmith, Mercenary, Thief

Secret:  She’s a one-spell-wonder, but her Fire power comes from Dragon blood 

Meet Fiers

Alias:  Cryptic Nightshade

Race: Ru’ar (Manbeast / Wolf)

Profession:  Mage, Scout

Secret: His magical oath prevents killing

Meet Kyrielle

Race: Crystal Elf

Alias: Nocturne, The Bat Sorceress

Animal Guardian: Vesper (Bat)

Secret: She made a bargain with Shadowraiths

Meet Fynn

Alias: Scofflaw

Race: Sea Changeling and Manbeast (Otter)

Profession: Thief / Assassin / Spy

Secret: He can shapeshift into anything

Meet Shamirah

Race:  Manbeast and Human

Profession:  Warrior / Leader of the Snow Leopard Clan

Secret:  She’s the last surviving female of the Scimitar Tiger Clan and Raevyn’s half sister.