Greetings, Wizards! I’m back after a rough couple of days, battling a Huffalot.

(Don’t ask.)

However, I have not forgotten my mission to help you receive the magical training that you so richly deserve!

Today, we shall be exploring Wind magic. Of course, not all of you will be qualified to wield the daunting power of the four Winds. 

As some of you already learned from earlier installments of our “What’s Your Super Power?” series, your disposition may be better suited to study a different type of elemental magic. For instance, in Part One of the series, you took Stone Queen Hoodoo’s quiz to determine whether or not you qualified to serve as her apprentice. 

In Part Two, Queen Hoodoo shared the arcane secrets of Stone magic with the apprentices who PASSED her test. (You Fire rowdies didn’t PEEK, did you?  Never mind. Hoodoo will deal with you in her own way.)

DARKWIND, Book 1, Guardians of Aeld, YA Fantasy Series, Adrienne deWolfeToday’s instructor, WindStrider, the White Crow Sorceress, is a pivotal character from my Young Adult Fantasy Fiction series, Guardians of Aeld.

WindStrider is the High Reina of that mystical Order of sorceresses, known as the Daughters of Aeld. She has ruled this organization for well over 2,000 years. 

By nationality, WindStrider is a Crystal Elf, the longest-lived of the Furless races on the planet. Her age is around 4,000 years (but she doesn’t look a day over 30.)  She has star-white hair, piercing blue eyes, and a beautiful amethyst-colored gemstar that glitters at the center of her forehead. 

But most importantly to you budding mages, WindStrider is hailed as the greatest living Wind Power on the mystical planet of Aeld.

By the way: WindStrider is her coven name. Her real name is Corvida Creyelle Coro.  Back home in Questar, WindStrider acts as the Seer of Souls for the Temple of Arion, where she uses her superior “soul-seeing” ability to determine whether young Elves are best-suited to study spellcraft, warcraft, statesmanship, psi healing – or some other profession.

WindStrider has graciously prepared a quiz to test the aptitude of apprentice mages for Wind magic. She wishes to remind each of you that air, which is Wind magic at rest, is not to be taken lightly. An evil mage, with the power to command air, could snuff out your life in a matter of heartbeats by sucking the breath from your lungs.

Darkrobes might also use blasts of air to fan tiny campfires into raging forest fires, or to whip lazy ocean waves into violent tsunamis. And let us never forget the devastation that hurricanes and cyclones can cause!

WindStrider chose to devote her life to King Mistral, sovereign of the four winds, because she believes that Wind is the most powerful elemental magic of all! (But don’t let irascible Queen Hoodoo know that. She’d demand a mage duel.)

Wind Magic Quiz

Answer “True” or “False” to the following statements.


Your teachers praise your cleverness or intelligence. However, they may discipline you for talking too much.


You think things through. You don’t let emotion get in the way of logic, and that’s why you rarely make foolish mistakes.


You get totally excited about starting new projects. But half way through the project, you find something more interesting to do.  So you tend not to finish.

DARKWIND, Book 1, Guardians of Aeld, YA Fantasy Series, Adrienne deWolfe4.

You plan to attend every event you can on the weekend.  One party is never enough!


You’re curious about everything. You’re a voracious reader. You never stop learning. 


If you’re watching a mystery movie, you figure out the killer long before everyone else.  You just can’t understand why people don’t “get it” as fast as you do.


Your friends would describe you as objective and fair-minded.


You enjoy analyzing how things work, or why people behave the way they do. You’ve been told that you’d make a great teacher, lawyer, sales person, or psychologist.


You get bored easily. But that’s only because Time seems so SLOW to a mind that is running at hyper-speed.


You don’t understand why your friends get annoyed when you’re only 15 minutes late. (I mean, SERIOUSLY. What’s up with THAT?!)

All right!  Let’s see how you did!

If you answered “True” to all 10 questions, High Reina WindStrider is most impressed with you. After careful analysis (which is the Wind Power’s way,) she will invite you to study air magic under her expert tutelage. (Trust me.  I know.  That’s how WindStrider handled my application.)

However, if you’d rather bake a cake than go to a party with your friends; if you take pride in never being late; or if you’re often accused of being moody or sentimental . . . uh . . . you might be better-suited to study another area of elemental magic.

Not to worry! Queen SeaClipse has graciously volunteered to be our next instructor. Like all Water Powers, this exotic shape-shifter from the vast, watery realm of Stormsea, understands the advantage of letting the heart rule the head.

In the meantime, all you budding Wind Powers must report back for our next installment, where High Reina WindStrider will reveal the secrets of Wind magic.