Need Money? Tuck These Crystals in Your Pocket

Guaridians of Aeld by Adrienne deWolfe

Wouldn’t life be great if you became a money magnet?

According to the myth makers, semi-precious gemstones can help you achieve that goal. These “pretty rocks” might not be worth much to jewelers, but certain crystals carry the “vibe” that helps you attract money.  Or better jobs.  Or success.

As I write my Guardians of Aeld series, I draw from myths about magic and the supernatural, especially when I talk about Stone Magic. Lots of myths exist about stones (or crystals.) In fact, you’d be hardpressed to find an ancient society that didn’t create myths about crystals. Some were said to restore health. Some would protect you from theft. Others could help you attract your heart’s desire – like purchasing the winning Lottery ticket. (Wait. Did Rome actually sell Lottery tickets?)

I’m writing this post to help you boost your success.  Need some quick cash? Confidence for a job interview?  An extra boost of creativity or inspiration? Then tuck one of these trusty crystals into your pocket:

Aventurine Ring

Aventurine – Choose this beautiful green stone to attract luck and opportunity. Aventurine helps to manifest prosperity. It also provides relief in times of stress or challenge. (Alternative stones: green jade, peridot, malachite, green garnet.)

Citrine – “The Merchant’s Stone,” Citrine is yellow quartz. It’s used to increase optimism, self-worth, personal power, and hope. Citrine enhances creativity and the intellect; strengthens intention, and attracts abundance. Citrine is my favorite stone. See it pictured above this post. (Alternative stones: yellow tourmaline, yellow calcite)

Black Sapphire – Considered the least valuable of all the Sapphires, the black variety has special powers for repelling negativity. It helps you stay calm under stress and boosts your confidence. Best of all, it’s supposed to help you attract a good job and do well during job interviews! Everyone should have one, right?! (Alternative stones: black tourmaline, black obsidian, smoky quartz)

Purr Pick of the Day:  Krazy Kat, my resident feline, recommends Citrine. She likes to snuggle with it and purr. (I think she must have been a treasure-hoarding dragon in one of her last eight lives. LOL!)