Halloween Quiz: Which Magical Creature Is Your Ideal Ally?

Greetings, Apprentice Mages!

As Halloween creeps closer, you may notice that certain animal allies are starting to appear in your front yard. Or under your porch. Or even on your cell phone, as memes!

Of course, a wise Mage understands that these appearances are not coincidences. Nature is full of magic!

Since Halloween is THE most magical time of the year, the animals most associated with Halloween are seeking out friendly “Human believers”…if only in spirit.

No matter which animal you favor during the rest of the year, open your hearts and minds to the creatures of Halloween. They just might have a special message for you.

For instance, a feather in the driveway might mean that a winged ally is watching over you while you travel between parties.

And a scratch at the door might be a reminder to carry your potted plants inside the house, so they don’t freeze overnight!

To get into the Spooky Spirit, I created this 6-part quiz to help you decide which animal would be your ideal Halloween ally.

All the creatures in this feature are traditionally associated with witches and the Halloween season. Can you guess their identities before you click the answer button? (Bwa-ha-ha!)

Have fun!

Quiz #1

Is this Halloween Creature your ideal ally?

(Please select only 1 answer per question.)

1. You like to listen to singers, who have a raspy voice.


2. If you could only pick one superpower, you’d choose the power to “morph” or shapeshift.


3. You admire anyone, who has the courage to take a leap of faith.


4. You like to “chill” near the pool or the garden.


5. When the temperature drops, you feel like hibernating.


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