Magic for Newbies: How to Become Invisible

So you want to learn how to become invisible, huh?

You came to the right place!

You won’t need incantations, talismans, magical squares, or a functioning wand.  You won’t even need camouflage clothing!  All you need is the strength of your intention.  According to the Ancients, intention is the real power behind magic.

I can’t remember where I read about his real-world “magic feat,” but each time I’ve tried to “become invisible,” the trick really works.

Instructions: How to Become Invisible

1. Go to a grocery store, a crowded playground, or a busy street corner.

2. Stand absolutely still.

3. Set the intention that you are transparent.  That you are invisible, like light or air. 

4.  Breathe deeply.  Remain peaceful.  Clear your mind of all other thought. Concentrate on being transparent.  Do not move.

5.  Be patient and wait.  (WARNING!!  People WILL walk into you—with shopping carts, too.  Ouch!)

Why is it so easy to turn invisible in an area where other humans congregate?

Because unlike rabbits or wolves, humans rely more on their eyesight than they do any other physical sense to scan their surroundings.  

Humans are also preoccupied by their thoughts. Fess up:  how many of you REALLY pay attention  to what’s going on around you, especially when you walk through an area that you’ve visited dozens of times before?  Chances are, you’re ticking off a list of errands in your mind or reviewing a conversation that you recently had.  You’re not paying attention to where you walk.

Finally, we’re all connected.  Scientists have proven that a healthy biomagnetic field (your “aura”) can extend as much as 30 feet around you when you’re healthy and happy.  In fact, being pure energy, your aura extends much further than 30 feet (our technology is limited in what it can measure.)

So here’s food for thought:  your mind sends out energy waves, called “thoughts,” all the time.  Those thoughts continue onward and onward without limitation, attracting to you like-minded energy. (This is a simplistic explanation for the Universal Law of Attraction.) 

Every time you set a strong intention (“I am unseen,  I am transparent, I am invisible”) that thought wave is bombarding the energies of the people around you and attracting those people who are inclined to agree.  

Typically, the people you are attracting (during this experiment in invisibility) aren’t concentrating on a strong intention not to collide with stationary objects.  As a result, those people will be subtly influenced by your strong intention to remain unseen.  Thus, they will inadvertently step on your foot or mow you down with a shopping cart.

But don’t take my word for it.  Try it out! (No, I will not be held responsible if somebody knocks you over. ::sheesh:: Use common sense and MOVE before someone runs into you! 🙂 )

Have fun with your “invisibility” magic.  Stay safe!  And let me know what happens after you try your magic experiment to become invisible.