What’s Your Superpower? (Part 6: Secrets of Fire Magic)

Welcome back, Apprentice Mages! What a week I had! Fire ants in the underwear drawer. Marshmallow goo on the ceiling. Frankly, I think my spellcraft horrifies Queen Solara. (Tee hee!) You should have seen the look on her face when I dumped…

What’s Your Superpower? (Part 5: Fire Magic Quiz)

Greetings, Mighty Ones! Did you think I'd forgotten you? Nonsense! I was merely perfecting my Wind spells. Since there are four winds—and only one of me—the task proved a wee bit daunting. Remember that twister over Kansas? Uh...…

What’s Your Superpower? (Part 4: Secrets of Wind Magic)

Welcome back, Apprentice Mages! I spent the week practicing my songspell under the expert tutelage of the Crystal Elf, WindStrider. Now I can finally sing the neighbor’s barking dog to sleep (and get some shut-eye of my own!) Yes! It's…

What’s Your Superpower? (Part 3: Wind Magic Quiz)

Greetings, Apprentice Mages! I'm back after a rough couple of days, battling a Huffalot. (Don’t ask.) However, I have not forgotten my mission to help you receive the magical training that you so richly deserve! Today, we shall be…
Dark Wind, Guardians of Aeld, Adrienne deWolfe

What’s Your Superpower? (Part 2: Secrets of Stone Magic)

Welcome back, Apprentice Mages! I have spent the week visiting with Queen Hoodoo (over a few yummy mugs of spud ale, I might add). Hoodoo, the most powerful practitioner of Stone Magic in my Guardians of Aeld Fantasy series, has graciously…
Guardians of Aeld

What’s Your Superpower? (Part 1: Stone Magic Quiz)

Greetings, Mighty Ones!   Now you and I both know, you’re secretly a magical prodigy. You have enough spell power in your PINKY to make Merlin the Magician look like a doddering fool. However, as an up-and-coming Archmage, you may still…