What’s Your Superpower? (Part 1: Stone Magic Quiz)

Guardians of Aeld

Greetings, Mighty Ones!  

Now you and I both know, you’re secretly a magical prodigy. You have enough spell power in your PINKY to make Merlin the Magician look like a doddering fool.

Naturally-occurring, spires of stone are called “hoodoos.” And that’s how the irascible (er, I mean, the VENERABLE) Queen Hoodoo got her name!

However, as an up-and-coming archmage, you may still be undecided about which magical tradition you should follow.  

No worries. With a little help from the characters in my Young Adult Fantasy series, Guardians of Aeld, I’ve prepared this series of questionnaires to help you discover your strengths as an elemental magician.

Let’s start with the power of Earth—or as we like to describe it on Planet Aeld, the power of Stone.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Why would I want to specialize in Stone Magic?”

Good question! Let’s hear from our magical expert, Odzilla Wyrdd, who’s better known as Hoodoo, the Badger Sorceress.

Hoodoo is the furry, troll-like, Trombelly, who’s universally recognized as the Stone Power on Planet Aeld. Hoodoo (who lives in a cave, of course) is more than 1,700 years old. She has risen to the rank of Stone Queen in a magical sisterhood called the Daughters of Aeld (which Commonfolk call the “Aeldoras.”)

Here’s how Hoodoo answers the question, “What’s a Stone Mage?”

“Only the very best, most important kind of mage in the world! We heal. We sow. We help things grow. We crumble solid rock into fertile soils. We raise hills from eroding plains; bore tunnels through impassable mountains; and cool the magma that would incinerate plants and trees.  Best of all, we’re beloved of Fairy Queen Terraine, who blesses us with her authority to summon the Stone People, the Green Brothers, the Insects, and the Beasts to help us steward the wild places of the world!”

Awesome! Sign me up, please!

When Hoodoo isn’t busy training her apprentices, or brewing Spud Ale, you can find her rescuing wildlife. As you might imagine, Hoodoo isn’t fond of Humans, whose brutal hunting methods terrorize — and maim — wolves, bears, tigers, and other innocent creatures.

Queen Hoodoo poses with a few of the apprentices, who pissed her off.

I, personally, would NEVER harm a single hair on a critter’s head, but Hoodoo needed a LOT of persuading to accept me as an apprentice.

She demanded to know if I eat meat, wear leather, or use pesticides in my home.

When I answered the wrong way, she threatened to squash me under her big, hairy foot so I could “see how the ants feel!” ::GULP::

Needless to say, you’ll have to clean up your act (and develop compassion for creepy-crawlies) if you want to study magic under Queen Hoodoo’s supervision. Fortunately, I found a way to win her favor: she loves blueberries! (Which is probably how her Badger Guardian, Brombeere, got his name.)

I probably shouldn’t tell you this (because I could get in a LOT of trouble) but Queen Hoodoo has assigned me to a special mission. She secretly operates an orphanage for baby Ru’ar (or Beastmen.) These shapeshifters come in two tribes: The Fanged and the Fangless folk. Both are outlawed by the other races on Planet Aeld.

In fact, powerful elfin War Mages, called Dragons, are said to kill a Beastman on sight. I admire Hoodoo SO MUCH for protecting every species on the planet, even the ones that Elves and Humans consider “grotesque aberrations.” To tell the truth, I volunteered to babysit the Deerkin, Bearkin, Rabbitkin, and Leopardkin, who took refuge at the orphanage, as well as that very, very special orphan, which is said to be extinct…

Oopsie! I should probably shut up now. I think I said too much…

Okay! Let’s see if you, too, would “make the grade” as an apprentice to Queen Hoodoo. Be sure to answer the following questions honestly. 

Remember: Hoodoo’s magic is much more powerful than your psi shields. If you cheat, she’ll know it. (Imagine having to live as a ROCK for 10 or 50 years, just because you pissed her off!)

Stone Magic Quiz

(Note: You may have to scroll back up the page to see your quiz results.)

Answer “True,” or “False”

1. You find peace, or self-renewal, when you spend time in nature. You’re particularly fond of parks, wooded areas, gardens, or caves.


2. The world just feels “right” when everything’s in its proper place. That’s why you don’t like a messy room or a cluttered desk.


3. People, who are constantly late, make you crazy.


4. If an art teacher asked you to “use your imagination” and paint the sky green, you would think she was weird. Skies aren’t green, and that’s a fact!


5. You love animals. All animals. If you see a neglected or abused animal, you get angry. If you had your choice, you’d adopt (or foster) every hurt animal that crosses your path.


6. If given your choice of weekend chores, you would rather weed the garden, than wash the car.


7. You keep your promises, and you think everyone else should, too.


8. Last-minute changes make you uncomfortable. You don’t like to be surprised.


9. Your elders often describe you as “grounded” or possessing good, common sense.


10. You enjoy contact sports (soccer, rugby, basketball, football, wrestling, etc.) You’re less fond of softball, tennis, gymnastics, jogging, sculling, or golf.


Adrienne deWolfe, Author

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