Guardians of Aeld

Greetings, Mighty Ones!  

Now you and I both know, you’re secretly a magical prodigy.  You have enough spell power in your PINKY to make Merlin the Magician look like a doddering fool.

However, as an up-and-coming Archmage, you may still be undecided about which magical tradition you should follow.  

No problem.  With a little help from the characters from my Young Adult Fantasy Fiction series, Guardians of Aeld, I’ve prepared this series of handy-dandy questionnaires to help you pin-point your strengths as an elemental magician.

Let’s start with the power of Earth – or as we like to describe it on the planet Aeld, the power of Stone. 

Why would you want to specialize in Stone Magic?

Let’s hear from our expert, Odzilla Wyrdd, who is also called Hoodoo, the Badger Sorceress.

Hoodoo is the furry, troll-like, cave-dwelling Trombelly, who is universally recognized as the Stone Power on planet Aeld.  Hoodoo (who is more than 1,700 years old) has risen to the rank of Stone Queen in a magical organization called the Daughters of Aeld – or sometimes, the “Aeldoras. 

Here’s how Hoodoo answers the question, “What’s a Stone Mage?”

“Only the very best, most important kind of mage in the world! We heal. We sow. We help things grow. We crumble solid rock into fertile soils. We raise hills from eroding plains; bore tunnels through impassable mountains; and cool the magma that would incinerate plants and trees.  Best of all, we’re beloved of Fairy Queen Terraine, who blesses us with her authority to summon the Stone People, the Green Brothers, and the Beast Tenders to help us steward the wild places of the world.”


Now it’s time to figure out if you would make the grade as an apprentice for Queen Hoodoo.  Answer the following questions honestly. 

(Remember:  Hoodoo’s magic is much more powerful than your mind shields.)

Stone Magic Quiz

Answer “Yes,” “No,” or “Usually”

1) Were you born under the astrological sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn?

2) Do your elders often describe you as “grounded” or possessing extraordinary common sense?

3) As a child, did you prefer to build sand castles and/or create architectural marvels out of Lego blocks? (As opposed to reading a book about fairies or drawing a picture of a green sky?)

4) Do last-minute surprises make you uncomfortable?  (REALLY uncomfortable?)

5) Does the idea of losing $500 in Las Vegas make your stomach hurt? (Would you even CONSIDER gambling in Vegas if you thought you might lose your money?)

6) Would you ever drain a milk carton and then, deliberately, put the empty milk carton back in the refrigerator?

7) Do you think that everyone should follow the rules – even yourself?

8) If given a choice about weekend chores, would you prefer to weed the garden rather than wash the car?

9)  Do late people annoy you? 

10) Do you feel the urgent need to tidy a messy desk or room?

BONUS QUESTION:  How many definitions for “Hoodoo” can you find?

All right!  Let’s see how you did!

If you answered “Yes” or “Usually” to every question except #6, Queen Hoodoo wants to recruit you right away!

Did you figure out that “Hoodoo” is a name for a type of magic AND a name for tall spires of stone (like the ones found in Utah’s Bryce Canyon National Park?) If you did, then you show great promise as a Stone apprentice!  And Hoodoo wants to chat with you over her favorite brew:  spud ale.

However, if you’re the type who sneaks empty milk cartons back into the  fridge, OR if you think clutter is comfy, OR if you love surprises . . . sorry.  You’re not a good candidate to be Hoodoo’s apprentice.  Stay tuned, though! 

Later in our “What’s Your Super Power?” series, we’ll be talking about Air, and you just might qualify to become an apprentice to High Reina Fenesse, the leader of the Aeldoras and the most powerful Wind Sorceress on planet Aeld!

Next Week:  Queen Hoodoo teaches the basics of Earth Magic to budding Stone Powers.