Dark Wind, Guardians of Aeld, Adrienne deWolfe

Welcome back, apprentice mages!  I have spent the week visiting with Queen Hoodoo (over a few yummy mugs of spud ale, I might add).

Hoodoo, the most powerful practitioner of Stone Magic in my Guardians of Aeld fantasy fiction series for young adults, has graciously agreed to share some basic magical instruction with you budding Stone Powers.

(Be sure to read Part 1 of our “What’s Your Super Power?” Series and take Hoodoo’s test to see if you are eligible to study the secret, arcane magic of Stone Wizards!)

So without further ado, here’s what Queen Hoodoo says you must know about Stone (or Earth) Magic to succeed as her apprentice:

The Basic Nature of Stone Magic is:

Fertile, moist, nurturing, stabilizing; grounding. Gravity is a manifestation of this element. Stone represents the physical; it is the densest of all the magical elements. It governs the womb and the seeding of projects or ideas.

The Empress in the Tarot Deck is considered one of the “earthiest” energies in the Major Arcana, and she is most usually shown pregnant.

The most powerful season for Stone Wizards is winter, which is the time of darkness and hibernation. The most powerful direction for Stone Wizards is north. The most powerful time of the day (for spellcraft, of course) is midnight.

Type of Energy:

Stone energy is considered receptive and feminine.  It is countered by Fire, which is considered masculine.  Picture Fire melting rocks into magma or burning forests to cinders, and you can see the problem.  

On the other hand, Stone counters Air (another masculine energy.) Imagine wind currents trying to disintegrate a diamond.  Not gonna happen!


Lots of choices here:  green (from the color of living plants); browns, rusts, and grays (i.e., earth tones); deep earthy reds (ruby, carmine, vermilion, maroon, wine/burgundy).

Places Where Stone Magic Concentrates:

Of course, the great power of Stone energy can be drawn from the “womb of the world:” caves, canyons, and chasms.

Other power spots include forests, groves, valleys, fields, farms, gardens, arboretums, parks, and cliffs.  If you’re seeking to tap Stone power, and you can’t disappear into a forest or park, try these “earthy” places: plant nurseries, farmer’s markets, kitchens, baby nurseries, basements, mines, holes, and tunnels.

Herbs that are Potent with Stone Magic:

Think of plants that smell “earthy,” such as patchouly and vetivert, mosses and lichens; nuts; dry and stiff plants; heavy, low-growing plants; roots and tubers.

Stones and Crystals that are Powerful Allies:

If you’re trying to connect with Stone (Earth) energy, you can’t go wrong with heavy or opaque stones, such as coal, onyx, apache tears, and obsidian; green stones, such as emerald, peridot, or moss agate; or lodestone (which is magnetic!)  

Metals that Stone Mages Favor:

Start with iron and lead. When you need extreme durability and hardness, you might also experiment with osmium, which is considered the densest metal on the planet.

The trouble is, osmium is a trace metal found in alloys — which is why no one has figured out how to make an emergency shelter out of it. But since you’re a mage (and probably an alchemist,) extracting all the osmium you need from other pesky metals, like platinum or iridium, won’t be a problem for you, right?

Musical Instruments:

Stone Mages make their finest music with percussion instruments, such as rattles, woodblocks, drums, and piano. You might also have a knack for bass guitar.

Popular Animal Allies:

Stone Mages know they’re in “earthy” company with a dog, horse, gopher, rabbit, hedgehog, mouse, cow/steer, deer, buffalo, antelope, pig, ferret, fox, weasel, cat, badger, tortoise, wolverine, wolf, bear, lizard, coyote – the list is huge, actually! Any burrowing animal or burrowing insect qualifies (example: earthworm, ant, or pill bug)

Of course, Stone Mages have a special connection with all animals — even winged ones — and they act as animal advocates, pledging to protect the habitats in which animals live.

Symbols that Will Awaken the “Stone Wizard” inside of you:

Salt, clay dish of fresh soil, rocks, sheaves of wheat, acorns.

Next Week: We’ll learn about Air Magic from the highest-ranking Wind Power on the planet Aeld! Her name is High Reina WindStrider, and she’s a Crystal Elf!