What’s Your Superpower? (Part 5: Fire Magic Quiz)

Greetings, Mighty Ones! Did you think I’d forgotten you?


I was merely perfecting my Wind spells. Since there are four winds—and only one of me—the task proved a wee bit daunting. Remember that twister over Kansas?

Uh… You do?

(Rats! Looks like Queen WindStrider was right: I need to practice that Mind-Wipe spell.)

But I digress! The good news is, I’m done wrestling cyclones—for now.

Solara is the mightiest Fire Queen ever to sit on the Council of Reinas, which rules the mystical order of sorceresses, known as the Aeldoras.

Today, I have a rare treat for you!

After months of petitioning, I have finally secured an audience with that elusive flame-thrower, who’s universally regarded as the mightiest Fire Power, ever to sit on the Council of Queens (or Reinas.) 

Among her Elfin kinfolk in the Darkstrike Desert, she is known as Ophidia (which is totally fitting, since it means “snake.”) But among the mystical order of sorceresses, called the Daughters of Aeld (or  “Aeldoras,”) Ophidia goes by her coven name, Solara.

Unlike the typical Fire Mage, Reina Solara doesn’t have an extroverted (or dare I say, bombastic?) personality. In fact, our Fire queen can be a cold fish—which makes her especially intriguing.

In all honesty, I think Solara is tired of defending the reputation of snakes. She says that only the ignorant (yes, she did emphasize the word, “ignorant”) fear snakes. Serpents are not cold; they are not slimy; and they would rather flee than fight anything as big as a Human.

She recounted an interesting story (which frankly, blew my mind!) Snakes rarely bite Native Americans. Caucasians are the ones, who suffer the most snake bites in the United States. When I asked her why, Solara explained that Native Americans are taught to respect animals.

For instance, when a Cherokee encounters a hissing rattlesnake on the trail, the Cherokee will calmly walk around the snake. He might even say, “Greetings, Little Brother,” before continuing peacefully on his way. 

Caucasians, on the other hand, will freak out when they surprise a rattler. Some Caucasians will shriek and try to use their walking sticks to pulverize the poor snake (which was minding it’s own business, snoozing in the sun, when the Human numbskull invaded its territory.)

Can you blame the snake for fighting back?

You’d better think twice about your answer, if you want Reina Solara to teach you magic!

Stunning display of mineral layers in the mountains of Death Valley, which is my inspiration for the Darkstrike Desert.

In my Young Adult Fantasy series, Guardians of Aeld, Solara’s Animal Guardian is a wise old cobra, named Spellbinder. He has never bitten a Human in his life (even in defense of Solara!) Considering that Spellbinder has been protecting Solara for more than 2,000 years (especially when she journeys to the Human kingdom to initiate Fire Novices,) his patience with Humans is pretty impressive.

When Solara’s not supervising apprentices, she likes to fire up her kiln. Her success as a ceramics artist has been modest; however, her talent for Light Weaving has attracted the attention of the Elfin Princess, who commissioned Solara to design a soothing “starscape” for the royal sleeping quarters.

Solara’s dark hair and olive skin are striking, because most Elves are fair-complexioned. She bears the Amber Gem—the mark of the Artisan Caste—on her forehead, and that gem flashes with all the golden fire of her eyes.

Solara has agreed to evaluate your aptitude for Fire Magic. To that end, she has designed the quiz, below. If you pass her test, I recommend that you enter your Fire studies with great reverence. While you may think of Fire as warm and inviting, like a ray of sunshine, you must never forget that Fire is a destructive force (heatstroke; parched wheat fields; volcanic eruptions; supernovas that disintegrate planets… Need I say more?)

Make sure you answer the questions truthfully. Remember: Spellbinder is watching!


Fire Magic Quiz

(Note: You may have to scroll back up the page to see your quiz results.)

Answer “True” or “False” to the following statements.

1. You’re not afraid of an argument. If someone yells at you, you yell back.


2. You love the cozy comfort of candles. You light them in your favorite room.


3. You love the thrill of the chase. An adventurer at heart, you like to be challenged.


4. You have lots of admirers. You’re like a magnet for the opposite sex. (And yes, their constant attention annoys you when you want to be alone.)


5. You like to get physical, especially on a date.


6. When it comes to fashion, you like to wear bold colors and unconventional styles. Nothing pleases you more than a gift of bling.


7. You’re passionate about your beliefs. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates your forthright nature. Some people have actually accused you of being too honest…to the point of being tactless.


8. You’ve been told that you would make a great leader. You’re not opposed to being a team player; you’d simply prefer to do things your way—because (let’s face it!) your way is better.


9. Even though change can be painful, you’re not afraid of it.


10. For the most part, you have a cheerful outlook. Your friends would describe you as energetic, warm, outgoing, or lively.


Adrienne deWolfe, Author

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