What’s Your Superpower? (Part 7: Water Magic Quiz)

Greetings, Mighty Ones! You’re probably wondering where I’ve been all this time. Was I hiccupped into ashes by a dragon? Or squashed into jelly by a huffalot?

Impressive! Those guesses are pretty darn accurate… 😉

Okay, fine. I didn’t tussle with any fantastical beasts. The truth is, scraping exploded marshmallows off the ceiling took way longer than I expected. So did growing back my eyebrows after that itty, bitty conflagration in the Forest of Rarities. (Oopsie!)

My little “lightning snafu” in the Forest of Rarities.

A word to the Wise: 

Do not — I repeat, DO NOT — burp in the middle of a Fire Spell!

Yep, I’m convinced that Fairy Queen Terraine hates my guts.

Fortunately, my dear magical mentor, Hoodoo, is respected by persnickety pixies. She convinced them that I wasn’t worth lynching. Or turning into stone. That’s why Fairy Queen Terraine zapped me into a cave.

(Editor’s Note: Hopefully, you’ve been following this series, so you know that Hoodoo is one of five mortal queens, who rule the mystical sisterhood of Aeldoras, in my Young Adult fantasy series, Guardians of Aeld.)

No doubt you’ve deduced by now, that Hoodoo sent her rascally Animal Guardian to free me! However, burrowing to the center of the planet takes a wee bit of time — even for a badger. That’s why I haven’t been posting to this blog lately. (Or attempting any Fire Spells.)

After all my arcane adventures with HEAT, I’ve finally conceded that I should probably learn a Water Spell. (Or two.) An Aeldoran Novice can only guess when she’ll be ordered to refill the teapot. Or scrub bird lime off the temple’s gargoyles. (YUCK!)

That’s why, at this very moment, I’m bobbing comfortably in a bubble of sunshine, inside a wooden dinghy, under a thunderous, ocean sky. My intrepid boat is being towed across Stormsea by an immense loggerhead turtle with a snaggle-toothed grin. (Weird, right? Who knew that a turtle’s beak could hide so many crooked fangs?)

Here’s a smaller cousin of “Cuttles,” the Loggerhead Sea Turtle.

“Cuttles,” as the loggerhead calls himself, is ferrying me through the treacherous mists of Stormsea. Few landlubbers dare to venture into this shimmery, rainbowed labyrinth. Even fewer have successfully found their way out again — unless they have a talent for magic.

Fortunately, Cuttles serves the greatest Water Power on Planet Aeld. This Mighty Maven of the Waves has sent Cuttles to escort me to her legendary lagoon. That’s where the exotically beautiful, Tiare Tiu, holds court for gill-less folk. 

Among us Aeldoras, Tiare is respectfully (and often nervously) addressed by her formal title, Reina Seaclipse, the Crocodile Sorceress. She belongs to a dying race, the Kaimana. These Sea Changelings were once as plentiful as the raindrops over Stormsea. Then their cousins-turned-enemies, the Crystal Elves, found a way to taint shapeshifting magic. The Taint is a gruesome death-sentence for Changelings, because they become trapped between their air-breathing and water-breathing forms!

Kaimana scout, gathering intelligence from a fierce little ally.

Horrified by the treachery of their people, Reina WindStrider and Reina Solara desperately tried to prevent the Kaimana from drowning. For that reason (and only that reason,) Seaclipse has pledged not to use her daunting powers to flood the Elves out of existence. She continues to maintain a cordial relationship with the other Aeldoran queens. She even deigns to tutor their most promising apprentices.

Which begs the question: Why did Seaclipse agree to tutor me?

Uh-oh. Did you hear that splash? It was HUGE! When did Cuttles grow such a broad, scaly tail? And why is he snickering at me?!

Oh, great. I just realized that “Cuttles” is an anagram for Scuttle. Seaclipse must have disguised her Animal Guardian with an Illusion Spell when she sent the salt-water crocodile to meet me. Now I feel like a complete waste of oxygen! 😳 

With any luck, you’ll fare better on Seaclipse’s pop-quiz for wannabe Water Powers.

(Did I mention that her punishment for cheaters is a lot like her punishment for enemy Elves?)

Just be sure to provide truthful answers to the questions, below. Remember: Scuttle is watching!

Water Magic Quiz

(Note: You may have to scroll back up the page to see your quiz results.)

Answer “True” or “False” to the following statements.

1. You love to daydream, and you’re really good at remembering your night dreams!


2. You’re a champion observer. You often spot details that other people miss. (For instance, you might be especially good at finding lost items.)


3. As a kid, you liked stories about ancient mariners, Atlantis, and the Loch Ness Monster.


4. When you’re sharing your opinions with friends, the words, “I feel” pop out of your mouth more often that the words, “I think.” 


5. You love the sound of rain on the roof. Gentle rolls of thunder give you goosebumps — in a good way. 


6. You’ve often been told that you’re “too sensitive,” or that you should “stop being so moody.” On the positive side, you love deeply, and you’re fiercely loyal.


7. You often get hunches. For instance, you might think about a person, and moments later, that person will text you.


8. You like to be mysterious. You may even feel a thrill when you hide a harmless little secret.


9. You like to decorate with symbols of the sea (mermaids, whales, sand dollars, driftwood, etc.) Your dream house would have a scenic view of the water.


10. If you had to choose, you would rather swim than sunbathe.


Adrienne deWolfe, Author

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