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Ghosts & Séances: How Teenage Psychics Started a New Religion in the United States

Have you ever wondered if Psychic Mediums really can speak to ghosts? While I was researching the séance scene in my bestselling Victorian Romance, Scoundrel for Hire, I learned how teenage girls started Spiritualism in the United States. Here’s their fascinating true story* — just in time for Halloween! Isaac and Amy Post were residents […]

Halloween Quiz: Which Magical Creature Is Your Ideal Ally?

Greetings, Apprentice Mages! As Halloween creeps closer, you may notice that certain animal allies are starting to appear in your front yard. Or under your porch. Or even on your cell phone, as memes! Of course, a wise Mage understands that these appearances are not coincidences. Nature is full of magic! Since Halloween is THE […]

Need Money? Tuck These Crystals in Your Pocket

Wouldn’t life be great if you became a money magnet? According to the myth makers, semi-precious gemstones can help you achieve that goal. These “pretty rocks” might not be worth much to jewelers, but certain crystals carry the “vibe” that helps you attract money.  Or better jobs.  Or success. As I write my Guardians of […]