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Positive Thinking Inspired by Tiger Bunny

Positive thinking and the Law of Attraction are inextricably linked to my writing life. Positive thinking was not an ingrained behavior that resulted from my upbringing, however.  I was 35 years old before I finally recognized and accepted that there is real power in positive thinking.  I had to learn about the New Thought Movement the hard way, though:  […]

Moonbows: Glorious Color in the Night Sky

Most people have seen a rainbow after a storm.  But have you ever see a moonbow? They’re  one of Mother Nature’s most glorious examples of “night magic.” A moonbow is the prismatic, colored haze that sometimes shows up around the moon. Moonbows are extremely rare (and hard to see around city lights.) The right amount […]

Haunted Pizza: My Interview with Ghost Hunters

Whether you’re a paranormal reader or writer, you’ve probably wondered – like me – if there might be some small truth behind the supernatural phenomena in your favorite novels.  For some people, exploring this interest is too frightening to consider.  For others, it’s a lark. For me, it’s a fascinating hobby that continues to earn […]