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Marfa Ghost Lights: Spooks in West Texas

I’ve been researching all kinds of weird folklore to write Seduced by an Angel, the third novel in my Velvet Lies series of Western Historical Romances — which all have Paranormal elements. Since I’m setting the book in Texas, circa 1884, I first started looking for unexplained “natural” phenomena to help me develop my story […]

Intuition Helped Me Save a Child’s Life

How can we sense danger before it occurs?  How do we attract total strangers who appear, out of the blue, when we need help? Mystics say we’re all connected.  Quantum physicists agree. I started working with Intuition as a lark:  a bunch of us Romance writers piled into a hotel room during a regional writers conference.  We were giddy […]

Positive Thinking Inspired by Tiger Bunny

Positive thinking and the Law of Attraction are inextricably linked to my writing life. Positive thinking was not an ingrained behavior that resulted from my upbringing, however.  I was 35 years old before I finally recognized and accepted that there is real power in positive thinking.  I had to learn about the New Thought Movement the hard way, though:  […]