Dragon Magic: Learn the Secret Rituals of Dragon Warriors

Greetings, Dragon Fans!

I have a great book — with real magic spells — to recommend.  You’ll love this book if you . . .

  • Believe that Dragons could exist on some other plane of existence
  • Have ancient memories about Dragons on Earth
  • Want to connect with your Guardian Dragon
  • Would like to practice the ancient rituals of “dragon magic” 
  • Are anxious to learn how dragons can help you “heal” 
  • Need to research the history of Dragons in the Multiverse
  • Want to become initiated as a Dragon Shaman – or even a Dragon Warrior!  (How cool would THAT be?!)

Check out D.J. Conway’s book, Mystical Dragon Magick: Teachings of the Five Inner Rings.  I love this book:  it offers an entire magical system for practitioners who want to work directly with the energies that Ancient Mystics have long associated with Dragons.Here’s an excerpt from Conway’s Introduction to Mystical Dragon Magick:

“After Dancing with Dragons was published in 1994, I discovered that a huge section of the population around the world was fascinated by Dragons and believed in them as I do.  One of the most interesting e-mails came from an older woman who asked me if I had trained in the Dragon magic of Lebanon. It seems that the rituals in Dancing with Dragons use nearly the exact wording of the rituals of that magical path.  It is nice to have the Dragon information substantiated by the surviving rituals of an ancient group.

“The Otherworld and all its being, especially dragons, have always been part of my life. I was born with my psychic senses alert and with the ability to tap previously learned esoteric knowledge . . . Dragons among the trees beyond the field of dairy cows seemed normal to a child barely a year old. When I was old enough to wander the field alone, I spent every possible moment with those Dragons, as well as a host of nature spirits. When Dragon teachers appeared, it was a pleasant surprise, not a shock. Shock came when I entered school and discovered there were no books on dragons in the library . . .

“In (Dancing with Dragons), I wrote at length about whether Dragons are real or imaginary. They are quite real. They simply have chosen to live in the Otherworld, a plane of existence with different vibrations. The Otherworld’s vibrations allow these entities to exist in the same “place” as our physical plane without our ever seeing them. That is, unless the beings of that world want to be seen.”

Can’t wait to learn more?

Don’t miss D.J. Conway’s Dancing with Dragons and Mystical Dragon Magick!  They’re fun (and informative) reads!