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Lions & Tigers & Beer, Oh My! (A Short Story)

Author’s Note Every wizard needs a sidekick, right? When I started transitioning from Western Romance into YA Fantasy, I was inspired to write a couple of short stories around a fun theme, which I call, Wizards of the Wild West.  As I developed the characters, I decided I would have more fun giving my Wizard hero an […]

Marfa Ghost Lights: Spooks in West Texas

I’ve been researching all kinds of weird folklore to write Seduced by an Angel, the third novel in my Velvet Lies series of Western Historical Romances — which all have Paranormal elements. Since I’m setting the book in Texas, circa 1884, I first started looking for unexplained “natural” phenomena to help me develop my story […]

Positive Thinking: Ignore Naysayers if You Want Success

When I first announced to my friends and family that I was determined to become self-employed, living the writing life, I was approximately 13 years old. I’ll never forget my father’s reaction to my dream of becoming a published novelist.  A nuclear physicist with a PhD, my father has always based his decisions upon what he describes […]

Frogs on the Moon? Seriously?

No matter how hard I try, I have NEVER been able to make out the face of a “man” on the moon.  Nor have I ever seen a woman nursing a child or bending over a cooking pot with “a little dog nearby,” as Rosemary Ellen Guiley describes it in her book, Moonscapes: A Celebration of […]