Haunted Pizza: My Interview with Ghost Hunters

Whether you’re a paranormal reader or writer, you’ve probably wondered – like me – if there might be some small truth behind the supernatural phenomena in your favorite novels. 

For some people, exploring this interest is too frightening to consider.  For others, it’s a lark.

For me, it’s a fascinating hobby that continues to earn me an income.  

The editor of a small community newspaper, the Oak Hill Gazette, called me one day and said, “I hear you’re a freelancer who writes about freaky things.”  (::Sigh::  At least he didn’t call me a “freaky writer who freelances.”)

Mustering my dignity, I asked, “What’s the assignment?”

“Some ghost hunters are coming to town,” the editor said.  “They’re investigating spook sightings at a pizza restaurant.  You available?”

(Picture Adrienne muting her telephone and snickering at her UNBELIEVABLE GOOD FORTUNE!)  “Well, that all depends,” I drawled.  “How much do you pay?”

For those of you who like haunted pizza stories, you’ll find the article that resulted from that assignment on the blog of my sister website, WritingNovelsThatSell.com

Ghost Hunters visit Austin, Texas