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Ghosts & Séances: How Teenage Psychics Started a New Religion in the United States

Have you ever wondered if Psychic Mediums really can speak to ghosts? While I was researching the séance scene in my bestselling Victorian Romance, Scoundrel for Hire, I learned how teenage girls started Spiritualism in the United States. Here's…

Haunted Pizza: My Interview with Ghost Hunters

Whether you’re a paranormal reader or writer, you’ve probably wondered – like me – if there might be some small truth behind the supernatural phenomena in your favorite novels.  For some people, exploring this interest is too frightening…

Help! My Printer Has a Poltergeist!

I think my printer is haunted. Now I'll admit, I'm not exactly tech savvy.  I just pretend to be because I write about API's, DPI's, FPI's, and other mind-numbing acronyms ending in "PI" for a high tech company.  My client, who has every…