I love how my Writing Muse communicates with me through my dreams, especially if I consciously and deliberately set my intention to bust through writer’s block before I fall asleep.

Once, I got stalled writing Seduced by an Angel (Book 3, Velvet Lies Series.) I panicked, because I was on a stringent, self-imposed deadline for my e-book publisher

Seduced by an Angel, Adrienne deWolfe, Paranormal Romance, Western Romance, Victorian RomanceBut my writing Muse, which is so much wiser than I am, already had the solution for Seduced by an Angel. I just needed to be smart enough to understand the cryptic message that my Muse was communicating through my dreams!

The problems started in Chapter Four.  My creative flow had ended.  Pulling words out of my brain was like trying to force a watermelon through the eye of a needle. 

My solution?

I took a nap to tap my dreams!

In a lucid dreaming workshop that I attended, the presenter made a very strong point against relying solely upon dream interpretation books for clues; rather, he suggested that the lucid dreamer evaluate images and conversations from a dream based upon personal meaning.

In the presenter’s case, he gave the example of a reoccurring dream in which a swarm of bees was bursting out of his  body.  In dream interpretation books, bees are often associated with “busy as a bee” or “the birds and bees,” and neither interpretation felt right to the presenter.

He finally figured out the dream’s message only after his therapist asked him, “What do bees mean to you?”

DARKWIND, Book 1, Guardians of Aeld, YA Fantasy Series, Adrienne deWolfeHis answer?  “Bees are angry little creatures.” 

Now when my goal is to break through writer’s block, I set a clear intention before I fall asleep to solve my writing problems in my dreams. To supplement this mental intentioning process (which can include Creative Visualization and Affirmations), I also write clear goals on paper minutes before I retire.  These are the processes that I used to break through my writers block for Angel.

I began this dream work process on Tuesday night.  I knew immediately that the process was working because on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I woke from my dreams with one clear word booming through my head, “HUMOR.”

So when my subconscious relayed the booming message, “HUMOR,” I didn’t rush for my dream interpretation manual. Instead, I analyzed what “humor” means to me.  Through this process, I interpreted my subconscious’s message as a sort of encouragement:  keep a positive attitude in the face of frustration.

Apparently, however, I hadn’t yet grasped the real meaning behind my Writing Muse’s communication. My creative stall continued, and I kept waking up from my dreams with that same booming message, “HUMOR!” reverberating through my head.

I was forced to nap through one more creative stall before my patient Writing Muse finally got me to understand what She was communicating about my writers block.  Angel’s first three chapters were way too intense.  At the rate I was going, Angel would become a jarring departure from the rest of my Naughty and Nice series of Western Historical Romances, which is humorous.  I needed to sacrifice that subplot and start writing Angel from scratch.

DARKWIND, Book 1, Guardians of Aeld, YA Fantasy Series, Adrienne deWolfeOuch

No writer ever wants to hear that she has just written 84 pages that will never see the light of day. On the other hand, the advice to rewrite is far more comforting coming from one’s Writing Muse, than from one’s publisher!

Best of all, I now I have a wonderful tool that I can use for the rest of my life. I’ve discovered how lucid dreaming works.  Through simple intention-setting before I fall asleep, I can tap my subconscious mind and use my dreams to solve my story plotting problems and bust through writer’s block!